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Napoletana style pizza fired to order at 900ºF. Our artisan dough is made with imported Italian "00" flour that's cold fermented for 72 hours to develop complex flavor and texture. All pizzas measure ~11" in diameter.

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pizza margherita

This is a traditional Napoletana style favorite; a tomato base sauce made with San Marzano tomatoes from Italy, hand torn basil, sea salt and olive oil. topped fresh mozzarella and basil. 

2023_09_04 proscuitto and arugula slice-09
pizza bianca prosciutto e arugula (limited quantities)

Our signature pizza drizzled with olive oil, fresh pressed garlic, and topped with shredded mozzarella and Parmigiano Reggiano. This is finished with fresh arugula and San Daniele prosciutto. 



Some of our best hand crafted beverages

2023_09_04 boba on wooden spoon -10
formosa milk tea with boba

Assam black tea leaves steeped with precision for maximum flavor extraction, balanced with a splash of dairy and finished with black sugar infused boba sourced from the motherland of boba, Taiwan (caffeinated)

milk boba-23
Black Sugar milk boba

Craving boba but want to skip the caffein? we got you covered, our whole milk with black sugar swirls is the fix you've been looking for. Served with black sugar infused boba sourced from the motherland of boba, Taiwan (non-caffeinated)

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bottled water

we get you, sometimes tap water just isn't good enough. quench your thirst refreshingly chilled bottled water

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Want to wash down our food with something fizzy? grab a can of ice cold soda



tooth fairy's cousin

black sesame in bowl-15
black sesame and mochi rkt

a fusion spin on a traditional favorite rice krispie treats. black sesame and hand crafted mochi are combined for a unique texture with a contrasting crunch

dark chocolate chunks-16
the 4 seas

sometimes we just need to go somewhere dark to feed our inner cookie monster with the classic chocolate chip cookie


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